(spanish for ‘self-portrait: flesh’ )
Cover of Edition #840 of «Vivir en el Poblado.»

Article written by Carlos Arturo Fernandez (journalist and art curator) describing the artwork «Carne Autorretrato (Spanish for Self-portrait: Flesh)» as follows:

«it immediately impacts with its spatial placement. The hanging and freely rotating canvas imposes itself against the dark background of the wall, and the contrast reveals to us the variations of human skin color within it…»

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Portada Edicion 840 Vivir en el poblado_ Obra Carne Autorretrato_ Diego Diaz_ Artista
Obra Carne Autorretrato_Diego Diaz_ Universidad de Antioquia

«carne autorretrato (spanish of ‘self-portrait:fles’ )»
Cover of the book ‘Debates on Psychopathology and Clinical Structures’ from the University of Antioquia.

The artwork «Carne Autorretrato»(Spanish for ‘Self-portrait:Flesh’) is part of a debate from the perspective of psychoanalysis, analyzing artist Diego Díaz’s proposal through an understanding of his creative process, techniques, and materials. This intervention, transitioning from figurative to abstract, questions the subject of portraiture and opens up points of discussion around representation and identity.

«…The artist, through a canvas cut, mirrors the intimacy of the body without figurative representation, yet representing it, because human flesh is an embodiment of the body, encompassing a plurality and diversity in its treatment…»

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Article written by Ursula Ochoa for Exclama magazine, referring to the artist collective where Diego Díaz is a member and has become a reference in the art scene in the city of Medellín.

«The Circuito Barrio Colombia is a collaborative work project among a group of artists from the city of Medellín who decided to join their workshops to generate new dynamics and relationships within the artistic field and with diverse audiences.»



Diego Diaz artista colombiano medellin colaboracion Liu Bolin, Galeria la Cometa, revista semana
Diego Diaz Artista / Instalación - Frida Kahlo, persiana, artista colombiano

To meet in the neighborhood for art

Article in the newspaper El Colombiano that reviews the collective art exhibition in the city of Bogotá, organized by La Balsa Gallery, of which artist Diego Díaz and his fellow artists from the «Barrio Colombia Circuit» are a part. In this edition, «Self-Portrait Carne» was featured on the cover of the magazine «Generación,» specializing in art and culture.

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Diners magazine invites you to visit the exhibition «The 7 from Barrio Colombia (plus two guests)» at La Balsa Arte gallery in Bogotá in March 2021.

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Diego Diaz artista colombiano medellin colaboracion Liu Bolin, Galeria la Cometa, revista semana
Diego Diaz Artista / Instalación - Frida Kahlo, persiana, artista colombiano

An art exhibition dedicated to the Mexican POP icon, Frida Kahlo.

At the facilities of the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center, a tribute to Mexico was held in November 2017 through its most renowned artist, Frida Kahlo, who has become a POP icon. From comics to oil paintings, the works of over a dozen artists were showcased, including Colombian artist Diego Díaz Ramírez.

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Disappear among the press


Liu Bolin has traveled across three continents to set up his impressive installations. In October 2013, he performed at La Cometa Gallery, where he took the opportunity to invite various Colombian artists, including Diego Díaz. More than a hundred collectors were present at the event.

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Diego Diaz artista colombiano medellin colaboracion Liu Bolin, Galeria la Cometa, revista semana
Diego Diaz artista en colombia medellin dibujo, Serie Billar, 2014. Color sobre papel

Black to red, the artwork of Diego Diaz.

In July 2012, Mundo punto com showcased artist Diego Díaz from the University of Antioquia, where he exhibited his latest work: «Negro a rojo» (Black to Red) at the Naranjo & Velilla art gallery in San Fernando Plaza. This work has a fundamental axis in its creative process, which is the observation of ordinary people, often his friends from Santuario, where the artist resides.

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The game proposed by young art

The plastic artists from the University of Antioquia, talented young individuals under the age of 28, challenge the viewer with their art. It is important to listen to them and even better, to see them, in order to understand that they are part of a generation that embraces contemporary elements without abandoning tradition.

Diego Díaz participated in the Naranjo & Velilla gallery at San Fernando Plaza. Check out the press release at the following link.


Diego Díaz Artista - Descripción: Exposicion en la galeria Naranjo y Belilla
La generación emergente - Diego Díaz - Artista colombiano

The Emerging Generation by Eduardo Serrano

Diego Díaz and seven other artists dedicated to painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and installations were the protagonists of the exhibition ‘The Emerging Generation,’ with which Cero Galería (Bogotá) opens a space for those who «will make a lot of noise in the art world.»

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