Leve Diego Diaz


Light ”is a diptych where the canvas, oil and three-dimensionality are again protagonists. Two black and white figures, who thanks to light and movement could well be seen as two Benedictines who return to their convent cell after praying the Angelus, face the viewer with an invisible, disembodied face, made up entirely of hollowness. The canvases nailed to the wall generate a void where the light passes through and contrasts the space that contains them with the gravity that affects them. In this work Diego Díaz creates a connection with the concept of time: each piece refers to an ephemeral instant that, when it corresponds to its twin figure, has already been corroded by rust. This transition and its woodworm is what the artist calls «Lightness«, a visual metaphor that strips the human condition, its fragility.

Natalia Castillo Verdugo.
AMA+ Director.