Contained Space

Diego Díaz takes the realism of his artworks into three-dimensionality by representing metal curtains and concrete walls, establishing an eloquent dialogue between reality and fiction. Given the true-to-scale and accurate nature of his representations, the artist visually alters spaces, immerses himself in them, projects himself from and towards them, ultimately disorienting the observer who initially doubts the context they find themselves in.

Díaz’s blinds and walls are drawn or painted, but instead of presenting them as mere representations, he installs them with the logic of their usual placement, allowing him to not only demonstrate that reality is easily transformable but also that believability is not necessarily truth.

Eduardo Serrano.
Art curator.

Diego Díaz proposes in his work a questioning tension regarding the media and supports he uses, initially appearing in a «classic» manner but later overflowing into installations where the relationship between the formal piece and the space is addressed. Paradoxically, his work is not about physical space as we may initially believe; his work speaks to the ontological sense of a piece, thus posing an essential question about the very place of art.

Úrsula Ochoa.
Art researcher and columnist.
Source: internet article.
Blog El Coleccionista.